Posing for Newborn Photographers

Bucket Pose - $49

Learn how to safely pose a baby in a bucket

Bowl Pose - $49

Learn how to wrap & pose a baby in a bowl and how to get the best angles

Huck Finn Wrapped - $49

Learn how to wrap and pose a baby in Huck Finn pose

Prepare a Bucket - FREE!

Transition Pose (bum up to side laying) - $69

Learn how to pose a baby in bum up position and transition to side laying

Head on Hands Pose - $49

Learn how to pose a baby in head on hands position

Parent Posing

Coming Soon!

Head on Hands Pose

Coming Soon!

Fully Wrapped

Coming Soon!

Froggy Pose

Coming Soon!

Bucket Pose

Coming Soon!

Bum Up Pose

Coming Soon!